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Josef Maria Olbrich, artwork for the exhibition poster of Künstler-Kolonie, 1901. Darmstadt, Germany. © Photo Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Anna Russ.


Gold tablet written in ancient greek found in a womanʹs grave – VI century b.C. – in a large necropolis near Hipponion (Vibo Valentia) in southern Italy, with a message to the dead:

Here is the passcode of Memory.  When you die
you go to the vast halls of Hades; a spring is on your right,
and by it stands a shining cypress tree
where the descending souls of the dead refresh themselves.
Stay away from that spring!

Further on you’ll find refreshing water
flowing from the lake of Memory.
Guardians stand by.
They will ask you sharply,
what you seek in the dank shadows of Hades.

Say: ʺI am a child of Earth and starry Heaven
and I’m parched perishing with thirst.  Give me now
refreshing water to drink from the lake of Memory.ʺ

They’ll speak to the king of the underworld,
then they’ll give you to drink from the lake of Memory,
and you, having drunk, will go along the holy road
famous initiates and mystics travel.


koyama keiichi, examples of advertising lettering, from gendai shogyo bijutsu zenshu (the complete commercial artist), volume 15 (circa late 1920s), included in japanese modern by james fraser, steven heller & seymour chwast


Jirí Kolár (1914 – 2002, Prague) 

Baudelaire, N/D

From a series of unreleased books from the late sixties and early seventies by norwegian based designer Morten Iveland