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Saint John of Kronstadt by klimbims

Via Flickr:

Saint John of Kronstadt (Russian: Иоанн Кронштадтский) (19 October 1829, Sura, Arkhangelsk–20 December 1908, Kronstadt) was a Russian Orthodox Christian presbyter and a member of the synod of the Russian Orthodox Church. He was a striking, unconventional personality, deeply pious and immensely energetic. He was one of the most internationally famous and beloved Orthodox Christian leaders of his time.

Святой праведный отец Иоанн Кронштадтский (Иван Ильич Сергиев)


Carlo Crivelli, Saint Francis Collecting the Blood of Christ, c. 1490-1500


St. Agnes
Sanctuary of Salvátor,  the burial site of the Přemysl Family, St. Agnes’s Convent.


Late 12th-century portable mosaic icon (136 x 73cm) from Xenophontos Monastery, Mt. Athos