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Scratch, scribble, snaggle and choke. Put it altogether….take it all apart.


Bertrand Le Pluard, BETWEEN BRIDGES (LA FOSSETTE), 2009


Two guys and a drag queen (c. 1920s)


Igor by caroline de greef 


Aymeric by Caroline de Greef


The Dancing Marquess

Henry Cyril Paget, 5th Marquess of Anglesey (16 June 1875 -14 March 1905), styled Lord Paget until 1880 and Earl of Uxbridge between 1880 and 1898, was a British Peer who was notable during his short life for squandering his inheritance on a lavish social life and accumulating massive debts. Regarded as the “black sheep” of the family, he was nicknamed “the dancing marquess” for his habit of performing “sinuous, sexy, snake-like dances”.


Barbette 1926 – Man Ray

lee materiazzi

Mausi und Inge ????

Lhooq – Duchamp – 1919

Le Comte Robert de Montesquiou

Giovanni Boldini 1897

via Eve’s Rib

Photo credits: created from this and this, from Flickr user josefnovak33