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1926 Soviet poster for SCRAP IRON (Charles Ray, USA, 1921)

Designers: Sternberg Brothers

Poster source: Heritage Auctions


“Patroclus.” Achilles did not slur my name, as people often did, running it together as if in a hurry to be rid of it. Instead, he rang each syllable: Pa-tro-clus.

graphics, tecnicallythe song of achilles + text 
as asked by @jonsnuw


Such great design in early 20th century poster art for magicians. There’s an auction house in Chicago that specializes in magic memorabilia, and I always enjoy looking through their catalogs. If I were a vintage poster dealer, I’d bid on this.


Japanese Exhibition Poster: Tsutsumu: Traditional Japanese Packaging. Direction Q. 2011

Poster for “Kriemhild’s Revenge,” 1925


Mostra del Ciclo e dell’Automobile, Milano, Poster 1907


(Rickshaw Man aka Muhomatsu, the Rickshaw Man aka The Life of Wild Matsu)
(1958; Inagaki Hiroshi)

Jakub Obrowsky - VII SLET VŠESOKOLSKÝ V PRAZE – 1920

Frantisek Vlácil 1969

“Spring.” Author-operator Mikhail Kaufman. Production of the HFSA. 1930