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From the “Transformations: Classical Sculpture in Color” display at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen in 2014.

The original is a Roman imitation of the Greek classic style of the 5th century BC.



Fletcher Sibthorp - Nothing gold can stay

A British artist born in London, England in 1967 Fletcher Sibthorp has essentially worked as a full-time artist for the past twenty years, producing figurative paintings; predominantly, large-scale canvases, mostly depicting the concept of movement and its effect on the human form, which culminated with exhibitions in London between 1992 and 1995, where approached by Sadlers Wells, he produced paintings with a narrative more specifically drawn into the energy of the dance. Recently however, Fletcher has become more interested in the figure alone; its subtleties and the more infinite expressionism it offers, creatively from a motionless and more abstract “background” to a more “interpretatively” spiritual depth.


Book cover. Key to ghostism : science and art unlock its mysteries. 1880.



Ad Astra: Being Selections from the Divine Comedy of Dante (1902)

Binding by Margaret Neilson Armstrong. See the complete book here.



Fletcher Sibthorp (British, b. 1969), Nothing Gold Can Stay, 2012. Oil and gold leaf on canvas panel, 15 x 10 in.


Melissa Gamwell – New Bronze Age Spoon, 2013 Photography


Symbols of the four evangelists, Book of Kells

800 A.D


Gold tablet written in ancient greek found in a womanʹs grave – VI century b.C. – in a large necropolis near Hipponion (Vibo Valentia) in southern Italy, with a message to the dead:

Here is the passcode of Memory.  When you die
you go to the vast halls of Hades; a spring is on your right,
and by it stands a shining cypress tree
where the descending souls of the dead refresh themselves.
Stay away from that spring!

Further on you’ll find refreshing water
flowing from the lake of Memory.
Guardians stand by.
They will ask you sharply,
what you seek in the dank shadows of Hades.

Say: ʺI am a child of Earth and starry Heaven
and I’m parched perishing with thirst.  Give me now
refreshing water to drink from the lake of Memory.ʺ

They’ll speak to the king of the underworld,
then they’ll give you to drink from the lake of Memory,
and you, having drunk, will go along the holy road
famous initiates and mystics travel.

The fly – intagio – gold leaf – 1994 


Yves Klein- Gold Leaf on Panel (1961)




Russian Orthodox Darth Vader | © Dmitry Dyachkov

“Never underestimate the power of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Side of the Force”



Late 12th-century portable mosaic icon (136 x 73cm) from Xenophontos Monastery, Mt. Athos

Demetrius of Thessalonica

Demetrius of Thessalonica  - St Michael’s Cathedral , 1113

the Great martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica

parajanov – color of pomegranates – 1968 – still100

parajanov – color of pomegranates – 1968 – still102