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Lilliput, February 1945

Anna Pavlova – Russian Dance – 1911


The dancer Bertl Komauer in Jazz-Parodie, Vienna, ca 1926 -by Atelier Strenitz-Kalmar [Hans Strenitz]

Hans Strenitz (1894-1965) run a studio under the name Atelier Strenitz-Kalmar until 1929 when he married the photographer Edith Glogau (1898-1973). From then, they shared the studio, operating under the name of Edith Glogau. They emigrated to US before the war; we find them under the name of Hans and Edith Strenitz-Glogau (ref)

from westlicht

wikström by carl thorborg

Bob Fosse – Sweet Charity 1968

rich mans frug