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244 Jan 7 @jerryshawback


Derek Overfield – “My work is influenced by the classical and the romantic, the archaic and the modern - and strives for monumentality, divinity and quiet brutality. Through paint and line I seek to capture the light of existence, that “gleaming fire”, as well as to portray its gravity. I strive to celebrate the figure, its mysterious power and charisma. Like a purging fire, I hopes to burn away the ornament, the unnecessary, in order to expose the purity beneath.

My recent work involves the sgraffito technique of scraping away a wet layer of white latex paint to create lines and forms with the black base beneath, as well as the application of thin washes of black latex lifted away to create form.

“…and around his head the fair goddess set thick a golden cloud, and forth from the man made blaze a gleaming fire… there he stood and shouted… and when they heard the brazen voice of the son of Aeacus the hearts of all were dismayed.” – Homer, The Iliad”

Boy, fishing, latex paint on canvas, 25” x 50” (diptych), $625 (stretched)

To view more of his work visit - www.derekoverfield.com


Francois Henri Galland