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El Lissitzky – collage?

Lajos Vajda, Tiger and Lillies, 1933

 Lajos Vajda - Lebego Hazak or “Floating Houses” is an example of surrealism from 1937

Photomontage with portrait of Szabo Lajos – Lajos Vajda – 1930


i bought tempera and milk paints the other day out of desperation. and then i realized i should have done that like four years ago. the texture is beyond perfect.

Frantisek Vlácil 1969

Japanese matchbox 20-30ies 


The Skyscraper (1916), Glyn Philpot

 Julian Wolkenstein


Anna Bilinska-Bohdanowicz – Male half act

Jan Saudek

Tefifon – portable tape player with radio connection – 1953

reza abedini

Juan Gris 1914

Victor Vasarely