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In honor of The Great Gatsby’s movie release, here is a cool art deco cover designed by Aled Lewis (which is also available as a print on his website).

He cites Erté (known as “The Father of Art Deco”) as his inspiration.


The horoscope of Prince Iskandar, grandson of Tamerlane, the Turkman Mongol conqueror, by Imad al-Din Mahmud al-Kashi, showing the positions of the heavens at the moment of Iskandar’s birth on 25th April 1384.

From the Wellcome Trust image collection.


Via http://www.johncoulthart.com/feuilleton/2007/07/10/prince-iskandars-horoscope/


Chant manuscript
ca. 1520(?)

“This manuscript is one of the most beautiful and elaborately illuminated chant manuscripts of the Capella Sistina collection. It was written for the great patron of the arts, Pope Leo X (Giovanni de’ Medici) (1513-21). The opening displayed here is sumptuously decorated in gold, indigo, ruby, and other vibrant colors, with the initial O encircling Christ and his apostles. The lower border shows the Medici coat of arms (six balls in a three-two-one configuration) with the lion heads symbolically representing the pope, Leo X.”(http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/vatican/music.html)