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Stefen as a warrior from….“A Voyage Within"….photo: v.Kyris   march 2013

Thomas Lagrève by Nadezhda Filatova


Adolph Tidemand (Norwegian, 1814-1876): Selvportrett, 1838. Oil on canvas mounted on fibreboard. 58.5 x 48.5 cm, Private collection.


André Devambez (French, 1867-1944), Pierre et Valentine [children of the artist]. Oil on canvas, 102 x 115 cm. Musée departmental de l’Oise, Beauvais.

Alfred Stieglitz self-portrait, c. 1894, age 30. Stieglitz began an affair with Georgia O’Keefe in 1918. He took nude photos of her in his apartment, where his wife eventually found them, so Stieglitz and O’Keffe moved into a studio of their own.

A friend described them as “two teenagers in love. Several times a day they would run up the stairs to their bedroom, so eager to make love that they would start taking their clothes off as they ran.”

Submitted by Jessica S.


Emil Orlik (Czech, 1870-1932), A Likeness of a Man. Coloured woodcut on paper, 21 x 22 cm.

William Laparra:  Portrait of Benjamin Landowski (1907)

Felix Vallotton
:  Portrait of Emile Bertrand (1886)

William Laparra (French, 1873-1920)

Portrait of Benjamin Landowski

1907. Oil on canvas. Marie Watteau, Paris.


 Hugo Simberg autoportret

Hans Holbein dJ – Hermann Hildebrandt Wedigh (1533)

This is an original 1930 photograph of a portrait of the Governor, wearing the ceremonial robe of State, of the city of Axum or Aksum, Abyssinia (present-day Ethiopia).

Photograph by Von Lüpke, Deutsche Aksum-Expedition.


Suzanne Valadon:  Portrait de M.Utrillo (1921)

Shalva Kikodze: Self-portrait, 1920.

Paul Gauguin, Self-Portrait Dedicated to Vincent van Gogh (Les Misérables), 1888