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Japanese Exhibition Poster: Tsutsumu: Traditional Japanese Packaging. Direction Q. 2011


Geoffrey Farmer
Naked to the Bone, 2011
Printed material, wire, tape


Joachim Bandau

untitled, 20.11.2011 • water colour on Arches Rives, 105 × 75 cm


Rick Berry - Gregor – 2011 - oil on prepared cotton ragboard, 20x32in.

Rick Berry - No Metal Men – 2011 - oil on prepared cotton ragboard, 20x32in

Nicanor by Rogelio Manzo

Michael Carson – beach stripes – 2011?

Randy Twaddle, Vinelandia 2011,

ink and coffee on paper, 83 1/2” x 60 1/2” moodygallery.com

Suhair Sibai; Paint, 2011, Mixed Media The Girl and the Dragon.


Antonio – Inner Reflections

Rainer Lagemann HERE

Metal sculpture. Cut steel pipe, welded.

photo: shannon sinclair

Cristiana Couceiro: High Jump

32Lacma poster
by Nathan Shinkle