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Cumulus Analysis, 1986-87 by Pat Brassington

The collected images in ‘Cumulus analysis’ recall the effect of dread. When the senses, especially touch and sight, are heightened by anxiety apparently simple images can become nightmarish. A witty and evocative dialogue takes place in ‘Cumulus analysis’ between images of sight and blindness, those of water and air, fish and human form. Encapsulated within a minimalist grid, which imposes order, the work in actuality enhances the tangential and the emotional.


‘Untitled Etching’

Pouran Jinchi

Large image:  HERE

Contributed image/MFAH.  Untitled 1998 etching by Iranian artist Pouran Jinchi. On loan from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. © Pouran Jinchi, courtesy Art Projects International, N.Y.