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The Stenberg Brothers, Vladimir & Georgii Stenberg,
poster created for Nikholai Okhlopkov’s movie “The Sold Appetite” in 1928, by Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg.


William Mortensen, Zoila Conan, 1928, gelatin silver print
Los Angeles County Museum of Art


1928 Evelyn Brent “models a butterfly hostess gown of sapphire blue and silver. The long draped sleeves are heavily embroidered with crystals and brilliants. The turban of silver cloth covers the hair and completes the elaborate costume.” From A Certain Cinema. BTW, the old etiquette rule that a hostess does not out-shine her guests seems to have gone the way of the Dodo in this case!

Gary Cooper and Fay Wray in the lost film, Legion of the Condemned, 1928

Hannah Höch - Aus einem ethnographischen Museum

Hannah Höch, Russian Dancer/My Double, 1928
Photomontage, 12 x 8 7/8 inches
Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, Brunswick, Germany)

“The extra people.” Directed by A. ??. 1928 

‘The Eleventh’ By Georgii & Vladimir Stenberg – 1928

Loise Brooks - Eugene Robert Richee - 1928