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Elevation of the Electrical Tower at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo


Cioccolato e Cacao Talmone Torino.c.1901.
Talmone Chocolate and Cocoa, Turin.

Art by Franz Laskoff.(1869-1918).


Josef Maria Olbrich, artwork for the exhibition poster of Künstler-Kolonie, 1901. Darmstadt, Germany. © Photo Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Anna Russ.


Poet K.D. Balmont by Modest Durnov  

Я ненавижу всех святых —
Они заботятся мучительно
О жалких помыслах своих,
Себя спасают исключительно.


The Spirit of Contemplation 1901 – Albert Toft (1862-1949)

Girl in White 1901 – Alfred Henry Maurer


Giovanni Boldini (1842 – 1931)

Portrait of Lina Cavalieri, oil on canvas.

The Italian operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri was known for her great beauty. Blessed with a good singing voice, a young Cavalieri made her way to Paris, France, where her stunning good looks opened doors and she obtained work as a singer at one of the city’s café-concerts. During her career she sang with the Opéra de Monte-Carlo, the Sarah Bernhardt Theatre in Paris, the Metropolitan Opera, the Oscar Hammerstein’s Manhattan Opera Company; she was a much-loved star in pre-Revolutionary St. Petersburg, Russia.

Her portrait by the Italian artist Giovanni Boldini was acquired by Maurice Rothschild.