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Pablo Picasso, at the principal meeting place of the Barcelona avant-garde, the bohemian tavern Els Quatre Gats, Picasso made a set of small caricatures of the prominent members of the informal club. 

Self-Portrait “Yo”, Ink and essence on paper, 1900

  • This self-portrait announces the eighteen-year-old as a mature artist working in a sophisticated Art Nouveau style.

Carles Casagemas, Ink and essence on paper, 1900

  • son of the American consul general in Barcelona, was a year older than Picasso, his best friend. A painter and poet, he accompanied Picasso to Paris to visit the World’s Fair in autumn 1900. There, he fell in love with Laure Gargallo, known as Germaine, who ultimately spurned his affections. In despair, Casagemas committed suicide on February 17, 1901, after first attempting to kill Germaine. Picasso was already back in Barcelona by that time but was deeply affected by the news. Nevertheless, when he returned to Paris in May 1901, he took up residence in Casagemas’s former apartment and began a liaison with Germaine. Later in 1901, Picasso painted two large compositions and several small studies inspired by Casagemas’s suicide. Germaine appears next to Picasso in “At the Lapin Agile”, 1992.391.

Frederic Pujula, Ink and essence on paper, 1900

  • A journalist and dramatist, Pujulà (1877-1963) wrote art criticism in support of the Barcelona Modernistas.

Juli Vallmitjana, Ink, essence, mixed-media paint, and pastel on paper, 1900

  • A painter and writer, Vallmitjana (1873-1937) organized shadow-puppet shows at Barcelona’s Els Quatre Gats.

Metropolitan Museum of Art



Louis Valtat (French, 1869-1952), The Cyclist (also known as Self-portrait), c. 1900. Oil on canvas, 167.8 x58.5 cm. Private collection.


Thomas Eakins:  The Thinker: Portrait of Louis N. Kenton (1900)

Two men dressed in traditional Japanese costume(1900) by Emil Orlik

Büste eines Mädchens – Alphonse Mucha – 1900